GEPP International — Leaders green promises made

The 40 country leaders attended the two day summit virtual event have discussions highlight with a call to action , pressing the importance of making good on green promises made including business and trade union representatives and youth activists , Contrasted ambitious new pledges from Japan ,Canada and South korea with continued foot dragging by fossil fuel reliant nations such as Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

Key points in the event were:

  • US pledge to cut emissions by 50–52 per cent by 2030, compared with 2005 levels.
  • Japan set a new climate goal, promising to cut its emissions by 46 per cent in 2030, compared with 2013 levels.
  • Canada upgraded its plan to reduce emissions by 40–45 per cent by 2030, relative to 2005 levels.
  • China’s Xi Jinping said he would “strictly control” the country’s coal-fired power plant construction over the next five years and “phase down” coal consumption in the five years from 2025 — but did not set a new emissions goal.
  • South Korea said it would stop its state institutions financing coal power overseas.
  • The US secretary of energy, Jennifer Granholm, delivered a rallying cry for clean energy, outlining plans to cut the cost of four key green technologies, including hydrogen power, carbon capture systems, batteries and solar energy.
  • IEA reminder that carbon emissions are set to rise in 2021 despite rhetoric
  • Biden pledged to work with global leaders to accelerate innovation and tackle the crisis, noting that his “disagreements” with Russian premier Vladimir Putin need to stand in the way of co-operation on climate.